3 Days trip to Lake Bunyonyi

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  • 2 Days
  • Max People : 26
  • Jan 18’ - Dec 21'
  • Min Age : 10+

One of the most adorable places and lakes in motherland Africa.  Lake Bunyonyi is home to 29 islands in western Uganda. Most of these are inhabited and terraced for Agricultural purposes.

While here, you’ll get to see school age going children paddling dug – out canoes in the very cold weather and morning mist.

Popularly labelled as birding paradise. You’ll stand in position to delve into a variety of bird species including; crested cranes, blue headed sunbird, cardinal wood peckers among many more.



  • Dug – Canoeing / Boating
  • Zip lining
  • Birding
  • Nature walks and hikes
  • Relax and chill out
  • Swimming
  • Mountain biking
  • Cultural interactive / Local community visits

Uganda is a landlocked country located in Eastern Africa, neighboring Kenya, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. It is in the heart of the Great Lakes region surrounded by Lake Edward, Lake Albert, and Lake Victoria. Uganda lies along the equator and experiences tropical climate with two dry seasons. The north-eastern part of the country is semiarid.

English is the official language of Uganda and many people can communicate in English. Other languages commonly spoken are Luganda and Swahili. If you plan on traveling to rural areas you will encounter several languages due to the cultural diversity of Uganda.

Uganda is generally safe for tourists because the government provides enough security especially around National Parks. The people of Uganda are the most hospitable you will meet and will make you feel at home. However, you should always take care of your personal belongings like money, phones, laptops and visa cards as theft is common especially in cities.

Ugandan Shillings is the main currency used throughout Uganda, while US dollars and British Pounds in few big business entities may also be accepted. Credit cards are likely to be accepted in big restaurants, supermarket and hotels. It is advisable to move with some cash when travelling to rural areas as ATMs may be hard to find there.

For tourists, the best time to visit Uganda is during the dry season, that is, from January to March and June to September. However, tourism activities are available all year round and the advantage of travelling during the off-peak season is lower demand especially for gorilla trekking permits.

Depending on your Citizenship and country of origin, check always your visa eligibility before travel plans advance. Online visa services for some countries are available, some nationalities can receive their visas upon arrival while others are visa-free.

Uganda is the most beautiful country in Africa with enjoyable climate and a vast range of flora and fauna. In Uganda lies ‘The Source of the Nile’ and also home to half of the world's remaining mountain gorillas. Uganda's National Parks house all sorts of animal and plant species and a visit to any of these parks will reveal to you why this land is called “The Pearl of Africa”!

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